Monitoring Importance





Do More With What You Have

•Today’s data center issues

–The demand put upon the IT world continues to grow
–Budgets for IT support and data center expansion are being
–Reliable operation remains a critical requirement

•Focus on improving the data center you have today

– The best approach: MONITOR, because …

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.“ -Lord Kelvin

Monitor to Improve EFFICIENCY POWER


•Monitor power within each rack or cabinet
–Ensure power loading is within safe limits
•Adjust your loading per circuit as appropriate
–Where equipment is under-utilized, consolidate
•Excess equipment can be turned off or removed
–Identify power hogs
•Equipment that draws excessive power should be identified for possible
replacement with more efficient models
•Damaged or failing equipment can use more power, increasing operational
costs, adding to the heat burden, and threatening system reliability

Monitor to Improve RELIABILITY


•Monitor the Data Center Environment
–Measure air flow in and around the cabinets
•Know that cool air is getting in and hot air is getting out
–Measure temperature at critical locations within each
•Don’t over-cool
•Know where the “hot spots”are
•Know the thermal limits of your hardware components
–Hard drives, power supplies, servers, etc.
–Measure the dew point
–Watch for the presence of water

Address the People Issues


•Watch for Security Threats
–Monitor access to the data center
•Keep track of when doors are opened
•Have cameras in the data center
•Minimize Human Error
–Have equipment clearly identified and logically placed for
safe access and support
–Have safeguards in place to protect critical functions
•Have guards on switches to protect from accidental tripping
•Require confirmation when changing critical settings

The Right Solution


Geist provides the power distribution products
that improve and enhance the EFFICIENCY & RELIABILITY
of the data centerIn today’s spotlight


•Separate local LCD display with alarm (1)

•Remote & local environmental
monitoring (2)
•Remote & local threshold
•Interface to IP web cameras
•Accessible via any web
browser (3)
RCM-O PDU Features
•Remote switching
–Sequential boot-up capability
–Relay feedback confirmation
•Remote and local circuit level
power monitoring
•Kilowatt-hour (kWh) tracking

Remote Monitoring Accessories


Monitoring Done Right


•Each RacSense® PDU
incorporates its own web
server and interface
–The Sensors page reports
the data and charts the
critical parameters,
–Monitor the following
parameters for each circuit:
Amps(RMS) Amps(PEAK)
Power Factor Real Power
Apparent Power kWh
up to 16 environmental sensors
up to 4 separate video images

Discover Hidden Issues




•Graphing the operational and environmental data provides insights into the health of the data center hardware
–Issues that may have gone unnoticed or ignored are recorded and revealed



Remote Power Control


With RacSense® Control PDUs, receptacles can be turned on and off remotely and individually.There’s no need to
travel to remote locations to reboot equipment.



Monitor and Control …on the go!


•When you need to respond quickly, manage your equipment from your web-enabled hand-held device
–Control and monitoring functions available on the PDU website are also available through your PDA, BlackBerry or iPhone
–An immediate response through your hand-held device can help to avoid the expense and downtime of “rolling a service truck.”