RacSense ® - Accessories


I/O to RJ Remote Sensor Converter

This handy accessory enables connection of I/O devices
into RJ11 jacks on RacSense® units. Device is programmed
for the specific sensor and available for use with Geist
I/O remote sensors.

Model: GCCAT

RJ12 5-Way Splitter

Expand the number of sensors connected to your RacSense® unit.

Model: GSP-5


RJ12 16-Way Splitter

Multiply your power with this compact 1 “U” 16-port splitter.

Model: GSPL16


City Power Monitor

0-99 - relative
This clever sensor is connected directly to your city power feed to alert you
when city power has been affected. Ideal for down-time prevention when
PDU’s are connected directly to a UPS. Notification of a possible outage
prior to UPS battery exhaustion is critical.
Model: GRCP



Water Sensor

0-99 - relative
Acts as a conductivity bridge to detect the presence of moisture or water in
your facility. Standard 6m cord length with custom lengths available upon
Model: GRWS



Door Position Sensor Magnetic Switch

0-99 - relative
Monitor cabinet door position (open vs. closed) with this magnetic sensor.
Set alarms to alert when a secure cabinet has been opened. Standard
lengths of 9m & 30m with custom lengths available upon request.
Models: GRDPS-9m, GRDPS-30m


Standard sensor lengths include 3.6m, 6m, 15.2m, and 30.5m




Temperature Sensor

Temperature: -55C to 79C*, +/- .5C
Precisely monitor “hot spots” throughout your installation.
Models: GRT-3.6m, GRT-6m, GRT-15.2m, GRT-30.5m



Temperature & Air Flow Sensor

Temperature: -55C to 79C*, +/- .5C
Air Flow: 0-99 - relative
The addition of air flow monitoring in this dual sensor allows for trending
analysis as modifications to your installation are made which may create
new air flow voids.
Models: GRTAF-3.6m, GRTAF-6m, GRTAF-15.2m, GRTAF-30.5m



Temperature, Air Flow & Humidity Sensor

Temperature: -55C to 79C* , +/- .5C
Air Flow: 0-99 - relative
Humidity: RH Accuracy +/- 2% RH, Range: 0 to 100 % RH, non-condensing
Monitor three environmental conditions in this single cord sensor. Ideal
for placement near air intake (coldest/driest conditions) and air exhaust
(warmest/moistest conditions).
Models: GRTAFH-3.6m, GRTAFH-6m, GRTAFH-15.2m, GRTAFH-30.5m



Temperature, Humidity & Dew Point Sensor

Temperature: -55C to 79C * , +/- .5C
Humidity: RH Accuracy +/- 2% RH, Range: 0 to 100 % RH, non-condensing
Dew Point: Calculated using data provided by the humidity sensor. Dew
Point monitoring in this “3-in-one” sensor is ideal for wiring closets, satellite
or outside plant stations where low temperature objects are exposed to rapid
temperature change.
Models: GRTHD-3.6m, GRTHD-6m, GRTHD-15.2m, GRTHD-30.5m




DLink® Web Enabled Cameras

Acquire live video stream via IP enabled web cameras. Geist recommends
DLink® cameras as an excellent enhancement to your RacSense® installation.
Receive e-mail alerts based on your defined motion detection fields. Record
snapshot images to a local hard drive via web browser. DLink® cameras are
able to capture video in extremely low light environments. (.5Lux)
* RacSense® software limits range to -55C to 50C for
enhanced graph readability.