RacSense ® - Control & Ultra

RacSense ® Remote Control Master & Ultra - RCM & RCU





Remote switching of individual sockets - Eliminate emergency service calls by rebooting unresponsive equipment via your PDA,Conserve energy with remote shut down of equipment during non-working hours.

Remote circuit level current monitoring - Prevent down-time with early notification of power breach thresholds.

Remote socket current monitoring (RCU only) - Monitor and log server power consumption data.

Max Groups Amps (MGA) - Prevent circuit overload through intelligent socket access.

Remote climate sensors ports - Climate & power monitoring in a single Ethernet connection.

Threshold alarms - remote & local - Immediate and convenient notification via e-mail, SNMP traps and/or local audible alarm (RSD for audible).

Remote display (RSD) Port - Easily viewable power & climate data via RSD (optional).

Interfaces with IP web cameras - Visual monitoring of cabinet or computer room.

Accessible via any web browser - Simplistic installation & maintenance - No external software to load or lose.


Internal Power Sensors Software Reset Button
Volts RMS: 80-280 VAC Remote Display (RSD2X8) Connection Jack
Amps RMS: 0-32 A External Sensor Connection Ports
Ethernet Connection Jack Two RJ11 Jacks
Power On Indicator - connect up to 16 Remote Sensors via Splitters
Idle Indicator
Activity Indicator