RacSense ® - Diagrams


Standard Models -20A, NEMA Outlets



Standard Models -30A, NEMA Outlets


Console Software –RSCS-2



RacSense® Console Software
–Designed specifically for RacSense®
•Consolidates information from many units
•100% software based
–No additional hardware to buy
–Manage RS better than with 3rd party S/W
•Push Firmware Updates
•Push Alarm Configuration
•Historic Log Data
•Instant Status Indicator
•Interactive Graphing
•Bird’s-eye view with drill down capabilities
•Comparison of values from cabinet to cabinet
•And many more features
–Value priced in the hundreds



RacSense® PDUs are also compatible with 3rd party SNMP console packages, including these:
–IPSwitch WhatsUpGold
–HP OpenView
–Aperture VISTA
–OpenService InfoCenter