RacSense ® - Sample Applications








This monitoring deployment provides comprehensive data regarding the power and climate conditions in your rack or cabinet.

Graph results using any standard web browser without purchasing or downloading software.












Remotely Access and Monitor via Single IP Address

ƒ Volts
ƒ Volts Peak
ƒ Amps
ƒ Amps Peak
ƒ Real Power
ƒ Apparent Power
ƒ Power Factor
Climate RSM onboard temperature, humidity, airflow, sound level and light level
ƒ RWS water sensor
ƒ RDPS-9M door position sensor
ƒ RT-3.6M temperature sensor
ƒ RTAFH-3.6M temperature, airflow, humidity and sensor Accessories
ƒ RSD2X8 visual display and audible alarm
ƒ Web enabled camera

The RSD2X8 local display unit can be mounted in a convenient location for ease of viewing. Placing it outside the cabinet eliminates the need to enter a secure enclosure. This self-powered LCD provides a scrolling display of user-selected critical data gathered by a connected RSM, RCM, or RCU PDU. Choose which parameters to display via the check-list located on the unit’s “Logs” page. Upon breach of user-established thresholds, a red LED will be lluminated and the RSD will sound a high pitch alarm. The audible tone can be silenced by pressing the “reset” button.