Variable Speed Fan Controller - GFC-3-2











Maintain optimal cabinet temperature while reducing fan noise, extending fan life and conserving energy. The Geist Variable Speed Fan Controller takes real-time temperature measurements and automatically adjusts the fan speed accordingly to
protect your equipment.

> Automated maintenance of optimal cabinet temperature
> Web accessible remote monitoring and maintenance
> Dual A/C input - auto switching in the event of a power failure
> Instant notification alarms via SNMP trap, e-mail and/or audible buzzer
> Compatible with Shaded Pole and Split Capacitor AC fans
> Recessed 1U horizontal mounting with attached brackets
> Conserve Energy and Reduce unnecessary fan noise
> CE® / UL® Listed 60950
> Leads not included
> Chassis dimensions (MM) 44 x 434 x 89

Local Input

> 90V to 264V (auto sensing)
> Dual A/C input - two IEC C14
- auto switching in event of power failure
- 90-264 Volt auto sensing
> RJ-45 ethernet connection
- access via web browser
- direct connection available via crossover cable
> 4 RJ11 jacks for remote temperature sensor connection
> Fan speed manual/local override via rotary switch
- unplug ethernet connection
- set point change button must be pressed while activating rotary switch
- rotary switch with recessed screwdriver slot
- manual temperature set-points of 18°- 38°C
- manual full on setting for 100% fan speed


Remote Input

Three Levels of Password Protection
> Temperature set-points of 18°- 38°C
> Optional Full On setting for 100% fan speed
> Friendly device and sensor names
> Celsius or Fahrenheit selection
> Low and high trip level selection
> Alarm notii cation selection
(SNMP trap, e-mail and/or audible buzzer)


Local Output

> 3 IEC C13 outlets for fan connection, 267 watts per outlet
> Fan speed control of 30-100%
> Scrolling digital display of real-time measurements
- set point temperature
- internal temperature
- four external temperature sensors
- fan speed percentage
> Audible alarm with silence reset button
> Fan running visual indicator LED’s
- speed - running at a level less than Full On - orange LED
- fan manually of - orange LED
- remote control - orange LED
- fan Full On - orange LED
- over temp - red LED


Remote Output

> Real-time measurements and graph
- internal temperature
- four external temperatures
- fan speed
- set-point temperature
> Log data available for export via XMLor real-time via SNMP
> Event log with variable content settings
> Visual image display from optional IP addressable camera
> Alarms via SNMP trap or e-mail